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House Guests - Full Bios

DAVID DANZON - Artistic Director

Born in France, David Danzon came to Canada in 1985. He graduated from the York University Acting program in 1992. After working professionally in TV, Film, Theatre and Dance, he formed CORPUS in 1997 with Sylvie Bouchard and has dedicated the past 20 years of his artistic life to the company.
He co-created and performed in all of CORPUS' repertoire, which has been presented in many festivals across Canada and around the world, to public and critical acclaim. With filmmaker Robert Deleskie, he co-wrote the half hour film A Day at the Office, inspired by the company's stage production Nuit Blanche, which aired on both Bravo! and CBC.
Outside of CORPUS, Mr. Danzon starred in numerous productions including the Canadian Stage Company's The Cherry Orchard, Theatre Smith-Gilmour's Dante’s inferno, Le Théâtre Français de Toronto's Le Malade Imaginaire and Dancemakers' A Few Thousands Miles.
He wrote and starred in several children's TV series for Tfo and Treehouse TV (including the very popular 4-square), and directed Jeux d'amour et de folie, presented by Le Théâtre Francais de Toronto, which was voted one of 2005's best artistic achievements by Eye Weekly. He was also a finalist for the Prix d’excellence artistique de Théâtre Action. Mr. Danzon co-directed the Dusk Dances festival from 1996 to 2008 and was the event's regular host.

david danzon

AYELEN LIBERONA - Artistic Advisor & Stage Manager

Born in Toronto to Chilean political refugees, Ayelen Liberona began with a career in dance that has evolved toward radical explorations of movement and the moving image as powerful tools for change and social justice. Her dance theater creations have been performed across 4 continents and can be described as multidimensional cinematic experiences often occurring in site-specific spaces and provoking stories of ancestry, ritual and nature. Through her work she has collaborated with artists such as Rubin Kodheli, Harry Mavromichalis, Gabrielle Roth, Jenn Goodwin, Sylvie Bouchard, lal and Noemie Lafrance.
Ayelen’s obsession with the moving image led her to film and an evolving partnership with filmmaker Joseph Johnson-Cami. Since 2005 they have directed numerous experimental and documentary films, among them The Shift, Becoming, Keepers of the Water and A Grain of Sand that have garnered awards such as CFC’s Best Emerging Canadian Filmmaker Award (2009), the Miami International Short Film Festival’s Best Experimental Film Award (2009) and the Mark Haslam Award at the 2011 Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival.
As an educator Ayelen has developed numerous arts based programs aimed at empowering young people with the tools to express their own shaping ideas as a means of collaboration, conflict transformation and affecting change. In 2011 Ayelen was nominated to TIFF’s Emerging Filmmaker Award and in 2012 she received the K.M. Hunter Award for Film & Video. Staging plant-people conspiracies alongside anthropologist Natasha Myers has been the fountainhead of Becoming Sensor, a research-creation project in High Park’s Oak Savannah that cultivates new modes of embodiment, attention and imagination and new ways of telling stories of lands and bodies.
Ayelen is currently director/producer for the Future of Storytelling’s theater presentations, resident production designer for Music in the Barns and excited to join CORPUS as artistic advisor and stage manager for House Guests. www.ayelenliberona.com

Ayelen Liberona


Michael Caldwell is a Toronto-based choreographer, performer, curator, and arts advocate. An 'intense dynamo on stage' (Scene4) with 'exceptional interpretive skills' (Globe & Mail), Caldwell has performed/collaborated with over 45 of Canada's esteemed dance creators/companies, including Peggy Baker, Sylvie Bouchard, David Danzon, Emmanuel Jouthe, James Kudelka, Louis Laberge-Côté, Laurence Lemieux, Tedd Robinson, Santee Smith, Heidi Strauss, and William Yong, among others, and has worked internationally with Antony Hamilton (Australia), Tomeo Vergés (France), and Sacha Steenks (Netherlands). He has performed across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. His performances have earned him two Dora Mavor Moore Awards for outstanding performance.
Caldwell’s more recent choreographic work explores the intersection of movement, sound, and visual art in contemporary performance. Caldwell is quickly garnering critical acclaim for his 'daring and powerful' (Bateman Reviews) choreography. His work has been commissioned/presented at Citadel + Compagnie’s Bright Nights, dance:made in Canada Festival, Dusk Dances, the CanAsian Dance Festival, Dance Matters, Series 8:08 (resident artist), Porch View Dances, Nuit Blanche, Nuit Rose, and the Toronto Fringe Festival. Caldwell is a 2017 K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation Artist Award finalist.
In his current role as artistic producer for the Fall for Dance North Festival and Kaeja d’Dance’s ‘Wind Down Dance’ and his previous work with Older & Reckless, Caldwell seeks to contribute to Canada’s cultural landscape with curated dance programming of the highest artistic quality.
With a bachelor’s degree in film/art history from Syracuse University, Caldwell sits on the artistic advisory committee at Dancemakers.
Upcoming projects/collaborations: Anika Johnson/Indrit Kasapi, Bruce Barton/Eve Egoyan/Sherri Hay, Emmanuel Jouthe, Louis Laberge-Côté, Seth Ruggles Hiler, adelheid dance projects, BoucharDanse, Citadel & Compagnie, Corpus Dance Projects, Kaeja d’Dance, pounds per square inch performance, and Theatre Mada.


ROB FEETHAM - Performer

Rob Feetham is a Dora nominated (What Dream it Was, Ahuri Theatre) actor, dancer, and comedian. He is one half of the comedy duo, Tastey Sandwich, the creators of such gems as Rob and Edwin Go to Space and Rob and Edwin Go to the Bottom of the Sea. Stay tuned for Rob and Edwin Go Through Time (In the Soil Arts Festival 2018).
Rob has been performing and touring with CORPUS Dance Projects since 2013 (A Flock of Flyers, Nuit blanche, Camping Royale, Les Moutons). Rob is now very excited to welcome you to House Guests.
Other selected credits include: Tale of a Town (Fixt Point), Italian Mime Suicide/Three Red Days (Bad New Days), SplasH20 (Edge of the Woods Theatre), Voix de Ville Extravagonzo (Niagara Arts Centre).

Rob Feetham


Born in Tirana, Albania, Indrit moved to Toronto, Canada in his early teens. He has worked as a dancer, actor, director, producer, writer and choreographer. Indrit has had the pleasure of being an ensemble member of award winning company CORPUS since 2008, performing and touring (North America, Asia, Europe) in Les Moutons, Flock of Flyers, Nuit Blanche, Machina Nuptialis. He's honoured to be a part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations for such an important artistic institution in his career with the Premiere of House Guests.
Indrit is also the Artistic Producer for lemonTree creations and Associate Artistic Producer for Cahoots Theatre Company. With lemonTree creations Indrit most recently choreographed and directed MSM [men seeking men], (6 Broadway World Nominations) which toured the West Coast in summer of 2017. As well he helmed the development and production of the Dora Award winning play, Body Politic by Nick Green, as a co-production with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.
Indrit also launched the lemonTree {studio} in 2012, a rehearsal space in downtown Toronto, that serves as a creative hub for the independent artistic community with various programs in place, including the RESIDENCY PROGRAM. Indrit is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada. Upcoming: The Blood Cycle workshop (Writer/Performer; lemonTree creations in residency at TPM) ; LILIES workshop (Performer; lemonTree creations); THE EFFEMINATES workshop (Director; Cahoots Theatre). www.lemonTreecreations.ca

indrit kasapi


Jolyane Langlois is an emerging dance artist based in Toronto. She started her dance training at L'UQAM in Montreal where she is originally from. She graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2012 and participated in EDAP, a Dancemakers initiative for two consecutive years. She performed with the company in Around (2014) and was part of Night Shift, a durational work created by Michael Trent and Brendan Fernandes.
Independently, she has performed and developed works with Amanda Acorn, Allison Cummings, Jennifer Dallas, Aria Evans, Brendan Fernandes, Antony Hamilton, Emmanuel Jouthe, Viv Moore, Eroca Nicols, Jillian Peever, Simon Renaud, visual artist Thom Sokoloski and Doris Uhlich. She has participated in various workshops and professional development projects in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Vienna and continues to seek new experiences and training.
Jolyane is a company member of Social Growl Dance under the artistic direction of Riley Sims and tours internationally with CORPUS. She is one of the four founders of Open Fortress, an all-female powered Toronto dance collective focusing on immersive site-specific performances. .

jolyane langlois


Takako Segawa is originally from Kochi, Japan. Takako has graduated from Nippon Sport Science University (pEBA) and has completed a One year certificate course at the London Contemporary Dance School (U.K.). Takako has worked with many different choreographers and has performed with leading companies throughout Europe.
Takako was recognized as “soloist of great mastery” at the Stuttgart International Solo Dance Festival 2005 and a Two-Times honoree by the Kobe Japan national dance awards when she was in University.
In Canada, Takako was recognized as “outstanding female dancer of 2014-2015” at the Dora Mavor Moor awards in Toronto. Most recently, thanks to the support of the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council, Takako has worked on Kabuki – an inspired contemporary dance.
Takako also had worked with Maxine Heppner, Susan Lee, Limitless production, H. Miyamoto & others and continues a distinguished career in Europe & Japan. Takako has been working with CORPUS since joining her first international tour with the company in the summer of 2011.

takako segawa

ISORINE MARC - Artistic Producer

Isorine studied at the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) and graduated from the University of Brest, France, where she obtained her Masters Degree in Performing Arts Management. She has since acquired international work experience in arts organizations; such as The Paris Conservatoire (France), L’École des Sables (Toubab Dialaw, Senegal), Le Centre National Chorégraphique Mathilde Monnier (France), Ausdance Queensland (Brisbane, Australia), and fFIDA-TIDF 06 (Toronto). Isorine joined CORPUS in 2006. Her major achievements with the company include the production of an Ontario Tour of 10 shopping malls - bringing art where it is least expected; the initiative of "From Slums to Stage" - offering an artistic experience to impoverished kids in Cambodia; and the production of the company’s highly successful tours to Europe, Japan and United-States. Isorine was on Théâtre Action’s board of directors between 2008 and 2010. Isorine is also involved in her second home, The Esplanade neighborhood where she founded Jamii in 2011. CORPUS and Jamii are partnering to bring arts-based & community-engaged projects and events such as Transhumance on The Esplanade and Dance on The Esplanade. Isorine's curatorial experience includes Catwalkers (supported by Ontario Arts Council), The ESP Exhibit (supported by Toronto Arts Council), to name a few.

Isorine Marc

PEDRO GUIRAO - Music Composer

Pedro is both a Visual and Sound artist and a Sound designer for performing arts. His artistic and research work deals on the relationship between image, sound and space, developing both personal projects and artistic collaborations. Pedro has presented his works in several venues mainly in Europe (ARCO /Madrid, Manifestó 8, Escena Contemporánea/Madrid, Fira Tárrega/Cataluña, Avoa Vetus & Are Nova/Turku, GlogauAIR/Berlin, etc.).
In recent years, Pedro has been in close collaboration with theatre companies, performing artists and visual artists like Onírica Mecánica, Sara Serrano, RukRuk Company, Eduardo Balanza, etc. pedroguirao.com

Pedro Guirao

CAROLIN LINDNER - Costume Designer

Born in Mirow, Germany, Carolin Lindner has a degree in Graphic Design (BEP, Hamburg) and graduated from Theakademie Berlin with a degree in Theatre Pedagogics. She works for theatre, visual and social arts projects. She has led theatre educational projects for youth in Germany (Kulturkosmos), Canada (Goethe-Institut Toronto), Mexico (nica.productions), Cambodia and Toronto (CORPUS). Carolin has worked as an artistic director and programmer for international theatre festivals in Germany, initiated an annual European youth camp in Germany and led theatre workshops in schools and retirement homes. She co-founded the performance group “nica.productions” for which she created several performances including “Camping Royale”, later produced with CORPUS.

Carolin Lindner

CLAIRE HILL - Lighting Designer

Claire incorporates audience immersive settings, found-space, and upcycled materials to develop performance designs for set, costume, and lighting that are environmentally conscious and visually compelling. She is currently an MFA candidate at York in Sustainable Design for Theatre.
Recent work: King Lear/Twelfth Night (Canadian Stage, Shakespeare in High Park), Reality Theatre, The Nails, The Smile Off Your Face (SummerWorks 2017), Lela & Co. (Discord & Din), Hogtown (The Hogtown Collective), Assist Ed (You Are Here/TPM).

Claire Hill

ZOIE BROWNE - Project Coordinator

Zoie Browne has a Bachelor’s of Urban & Regional Planning from Ryerson University and a Master’s of Public Administration from The University of Western Ontario where she completed a MRP on “The Revitalization of Social Housing: An Analysis of Mixed-Income Housing in the City of Toronto”. She has worked and/or volunteered with Social Planning Toronto, Social Housing Services Corporation (SHSC) and Toronto Community Housing on various community development projects.
Zoie is currently the Project Coordinator for Jamii and CORPUS working on various art-based community engaged projects and events in David Crombie Park on The Esplanade in downtown Toronto. Some of these events include ‘Catwalkers’ part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche and numerous outdoor movie nights. She grew up loving music and expressed this in elementary school through instruments like the violin, cello and piano. She also loved drama and during high school featured in various commercials, YTV’s ‘System Crash’ and school theatre performances.

Zoie Browne

ARIANE BURTIN - Assistant Stage Manager

Born in France, Ariane Burtin has a Masters Degree from the engineering school IMAC (Image Multimedia Audiovisual and Communication), the only one in France blending both science and arts. Ariane was Project Manager for a digital communication agency in Paris for several years.
Recently making Toronto her new home, Ariane is delighted to join the CORPUS team as assistant stage manager, thus reconnecting with her first love: performing arts.

Ariane Burtin