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House Guests

House Guests
In the context of its 20th anniversary, CORPUS presents House Guests, an adventurous site-specific creation that takes place in the company’s artistic director’s own house.

House Guests invites 20 guests to discover the mysterious and enchanting content of 8, Baden Street. Remodeled as a museum of contemporary performances, this private dwelling features fourteen spaces ranging from a bedroom to a parking spot, all transformed with dance, Theatre of the Absurd and performative installations.

House Guests promises to treat its audience to an incomparable public experience in a private space.

PREMIERE on Nov 21, 2017
RUN from Nov 21st to Dec 17th (Tues to Sun)

Artistic Director: David Danzon

Artistic Producer: Isorine Marc

Artistic Advisor & Stage Manager: Ayelen Liberona

Performers: Michael Caldwell, Rob Feetham, Indrit Kasapi, Jolyane Langlois, Takako Segawa

Created by David Danzon with Michael Caldwell, Rob Feetham, Indrit Kasapi, Jolyane Langlois, Takako Segawa and Ayelen Liberona

Music Composer: Pedro Guirao

Lighting Designer: Claire Hill

Costume Designer: Carolin Lindner

Project Coordinator: Zoie Browne

Assistant Stage Manager: Ariane Burtin

Photographer: Jae Yang


A DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event

The venue is a three-storey house with stairs.

Adult content.

Contact us at for more information.

"House Guests thematic stew is rich and elusive. It is fascinating to snoop through someone else's home and psyche, and when it reveals ghosts, childhood games, fairy tales, dreams, voyeurism, drag and dress-up, and the power of the gaze, there is a lot to process and ponder."
Drew Rowsome, MyGayToronto